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Twelve of our Enterprise YMCA Taekwondo school members competed at the XXXV Alabama State Games held on June 10th, 2017 at the Ozark Civic Center. Medalists from the XXXIII, XXXIV, and XXXV Games are eligible to compete at the XII National State Games of America scheduled for August 3-6, 2017 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Michael and William were invited to WTVY to chat about the Games.
Two Enterprise YMCA Taekwondo School members were invited to appear on WTVY to talk about competing at the XII National State Games of America. School owner Michael Dreilinger and Junior Instructor William Wallace were asked to appear because they are the only two from the school who also competed at the 2015 XI National Games held in Omaha, Nebraska. Both returned with Gold Medals from Michigan.

Taekwondo made its first appearance as a demonstration sport at the 1988 Summer Olympics. It became a medal sport at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games, and has been an Olympic sport since. Taekwondo made its debut in the Alabama State Games in the late 80s. In recent years it has become a premier sport in the annual Alabama State Games, making it one of the must attend events for all taekwondo athletes.

In 2015 all 4 of our YMCA competitors won at least one gold medal and are now Alabama State Games Champions! Congratulations to Michael Dreilinger; Logan Stewmon (2 Gold); William Wallace; and Grason Wallace,

In 2016 our 10 competitors won 24 medals - 10 of them gold going to 2016 Alabama State Games Champions Michael Dreilinger (3 Gold); Logan Stewmon; Garrett Bogart; William Wallace (2 Gold); Chad Leuci; and Ethan Jones (2 Gold).

In 2017 our 12 competitors won 28 medals - 12 of them gold going to 2017 Alabama State Games Champions Michael Dreilinger (2 Gold); Logan Stewmon (2 Gold); Caitlyn Dean (2 Gold); Jansen Sullivan (3 Gold); Brandon Allen; Jacob Braden; and Jack Ludlam.

In 2018 our 11 competitors won 26 medals - 15 of them gold going to 2018 Alabama State Games Champions Michael Dreilinger (2 Gold); Chase Johnson; Lindsey Ludlam (2 Gold); Jack Ludlam; Antonio Carlton; Ms. Carol Dreilinger; Brandon Allen; Austin Rainwater (2 Gold); Marcus Whiting (2 Gold); and Jaden Whiting (2 Gold). There were over 295 event participants in this tournament so just placing on the podium was an accomplishment (Trenton Rainwater).

In 2019 our 5 competitors won 8 medals - 4 of them gold going to 2019 Alabama State Games Champions Michael Dreilinger; Caitlyn Dean; and Carol Dreilinger (2 Gold). There were over 230 event participants in this tournament so, as before, placing on the podium was quite an accomplishment (Austin Rainwater).

There were no Games held in 2020 due to COVID-19, but the Games returned in 2021. Our 18 competitors won 41 medals, 19 of them gold going to 2021 Alabama State Games Champions Jeanie Bigelow; Marlee Bigelow; Carol Dreilinger; Michael Dreilinger; Tom Knight (2 Gold); Nicholas McCulley (2 Gold); Roen McCulley (2 Gold); Jordyn Nickison; Owen Nickison; Bert Oggs (2 Gold); Bryon Shelburne-Ellison; Anja Westhoff; and Marcus Whiting (3 Gold).

In 2022, our 12 competitors won 23 medals, 13 of them gold going to 2022 Alabama State Games Champions Madalynn Biddle; Nicholas Biddle; Marlee Bigelow; Antonio Carlton (2 Gold); Carol Dreilinger; Michael Dreilinger (2 Gold); Rozay Harriel; Jordyn Nickison; Owen Nickison (2 Gold); and Jacob Welch. There were over 225 event participants so placing 4th is quite an accomplishment (Jeanie Bigelow; Emma Nickison).
The 2022 State Games of America was held on and around the campus of Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa and also served as the XXXV Iowa Games. Seven of our martial artists competed in the Open Martial Arts tournament with 5 returning as State Games of America Champions and Iowa Games Champions

Michael Dreilinger tied for First in Forms but had to settle for Silver when his knee buckled in the playoffs. He also earned a Silver in Board Breaking. Catilyn Dean won a Bronze in Forms and a Gold in Board Breaking; Antonio Carlton won a Gold in Forms, a Gold in Sparring, a Silver in Board Breaking, and a Bronze in Weapons. Marcus Whiting won three Gold medals - in Forms, Sparring, and Board Breaking and Carol Dreilinger won a Silver in Forms, a Gold in Sparring, and another Silver in Board Breaking. Bryson Shelburne won Silver in Forms and Bronze in Board Breaking and younger brother Jeremie Turner won Gold in Forms and Gold in Board Breaking.
The 2019 State Games of America was held on the campus of Liberty University in Lynchburg VA and served as the XXXth Virginia Commonwelath Games. Only two of our martial artists were able to compete in the 2019 State Games of America ...

Mr. Michael Dreilinger won a gold Medal in the Mens 18-29 Forms compeition with silver and bronze going to martial artists who competed at the 2017 SGA in Michigan. Mr. Michael won Silver in Olympic Sparring, losing to a former Liberty University heavy weight champion.

Ms. Carol Dreilinger won a gold medal in the Womens 29-64 Forms competition and won another gold medal in the Womens 29 and Up Olympic Sparring competition by default as the only competitor registered - but she fought an exciting exhibition match against the 18-year old who earned bronze in forms against Michael and who won gold in his own 18-29 Mens Olympic sparring ring.

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The National Congress of State Games (NCSG) is a membership organization comprised of 31 Summer State Games and 10 Winter State Games organizations and a member of the United States Olympic Committee's Multi Sport Organizational Council. The mission of the NCSG is to support State Games member organizations in the promotion of health, fitness and character building through Olympic-Style competitions and physical activities.

Nine of our martial artists competed at the X Sate Games of America held from August 3-6 in Grand Rapids Michigan, and all came home with medals five came home as new 2017 SGA National Champions having won one or more Gold medals. Our athletes competed in Power Board Breaking (P); Traditional Board Breaking (B); Forms (F); and Olympic Sparring (S). The names of the new National Champions are written in gold below:

Michael Dreilinger Gold (F), Bronze (P); Garrett Bogart Gold (P), Bronze (F), Bronze (S); Connor Bogart Silver (F), Silver (S); William Wallace Gold (F), Gold (S), Silver (B); Jack Ludlam Bronze ((B), Bronze (S); Lindsey Ludlam Silver (S); Caitlyn Dean Bronze (F); Jansen Sullivan Gold (F); Brandon Allen Gold (P), Gold (S), Silver (F).

Mr. Michael was also selected by the Michigan organizers to be the Alabama Flag bearer at the Opening Ceremonies.

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The NCSG is also the rights holder of the State Games of America, an Olympic-style event featuring competition between State Games medal winners from across the nation.

Four of our martial artists, by virtue of their medals from the Alabama State Games, competed in the 2015 State Games of America ...Grason Wallace earned a silver medal in forms; William Wallace also earned a silver medal in forms; Logan Stewmon earned a silver medal in sparring; and Michael Dreilinger won the gold medal in forms and is a 2015 SGA National Champion. Since the 2015 SGA Games also served as the 2015 Nebraska State Games, Michael, by virtue of his gold medal, is also a 2015 XXXI Nebraska State Games Champion.

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