IX State Games of America

August 1, 2015, Omaha, Nebraska

Four Enterprise YMCA Taewkondo students brought home medals from the State Games of America the largest athletic contest in the USA since the Olympics! There were over 15,000 participants in 60 different sports from 47 states and the District of Columbia 69 from the state of Alabama! Our state contingent brought home 11 medals in swimming: 2 in track&field - 1 in 11/12 year old recreational soccer; 1 in wrestling; and 4 in Taewkondo. Yes, our kids accounted for 4 of the 19 medals won by Alabamians and 1 of only 4 Gold medals, won by State Games of America National Champion Michael Dreilinger.
The competition pitted medalists from each state along with the best from the host state of Nebraska including several organization National Champions competing in the black belt rings against Logan Stewmon (who won silver) and Michael.
Rounding out the team of competitors from the Y were William Wallace, who earned a silver medal in the 9/10

year old Advanced, and his younger brother Grason, who also earned a silver medal, in the 8 and under combined Intermediate/Advanced division.