ATF Forms and One Steps/Defenses
With Mr. Michael and Ms. Lindsey - videographer Payton Holly Smith

White Belt Form

White Belt One Steps

Yellow Belt Form

Yellow Belt One Steps

Orange Belt Form

Orange Belt One Steps

Jr. Green Belt Form

Jr. Green Belt One Steps

Sr. Green Belt Form

Sr. Green Belt One Steps

Blue Belt Form

Blue Belt Self Defense

Purple Belt Form

Purple Belt Self Defense

Red Belt Form

Red Belt Knife Defense

Brown Belt Belt Form

Brown Belt Knife Defense

1st Degree Reommended Form

1st Degree Decided Form

1st Degree Senior Form

2nd Degree Recommended Form

2nd Degree Decided Form

2nd Degree Senior Form


Board Breaking Techniques
Mr. Michael with Ms. Carol and Ms. Caitlyn

Front Kick

Side Kick

Round Kick

Axe Kick


Palm Strike

Elbow Strike


Reporting In to Judges

Proper Stances for Holding

Hand Placement for Holding

Holding with a Partner