ENTERPRISE YMCA Taekwondo School

American Taekwondo Foundation (ATF)

This is our parent organization, founded by Grandmaster Yun S. Chung, 9D, in 1988. They provide the necessary scaffolding that any good martial arts school needs; curriculum, procedures, expertise. They hold tournaments for all ranks 6 or 7 times per year along with a summer camp that hosts the National Championship Finals for black belts in all divisions. They also provide training guidance and certification for junior, assistant, and certified instructors. GM Chung has attended all but a couple of our bi-monthly testings for the last 15 years; quite a demonstration of his dedication to black belt excellence!
Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)

We wear the patch of our parent organization, the ATF, over our right front pockets, and our school patch over our left front pocket. Reminiscent of the old "YMCA" logo, the triangle harkens back to the YMCA motto of "Body, Mind, Spirit" - not dissimilar to the tenets of Taekwondo of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, Indomitable Spirit. The traditional "Y" logo is superimposed on the national symbol of Korea, the taegeuk (Yin-Yang) of balance or the perfect harmony of nature. Many feel it is the coolest school patch within the ATF.
Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is an amateur sports organization based in the United States. A multi-sport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs. It claims to have over 670,000 participants and over 100,000 volunteers. The AAU was founded on January 21, 1888, with the goal of creating common standards in amateur sport Since then, most national championships in the United States have taken place under AAU leadership. From its founding as a publicly supported organization, the AAU has represented US sports within the various international sports federations.
Hydrocephalus Association (HA)

The Hydrocephalus Association serves as the primary nexus for research on hydrocephalus, a condition defined by an abnormal, excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within the cavities of the brain. Hydrocephalus affects over 1 million people in the U.S. alone. Approximately 1-2 babies for every 1000 births are born with hydrocephalus, but anyone can get hydrocephalus at any time through a brain injury or infection, among other reasons, or as part of the aging process. The HA is our designated charity; our annual in-house tournaments help raise funds for the HA. Our personal connection is through Grason Wallace, age 7, who was diagnosed with hydrocephalus several years ago and is featured on several local fund-raising efforts.
I Get My Kicks at the YMCA

All sports programs at the "Y" have their unique t-shirts (basketball, soccer, swimming, t-ball) and the Taekwondo program is no exception. They serve as recognition for those who participate in the sport as well as to advertise both the sport and the "Y to friends and neighbors. During the summer months, from late May through June, July, and August, students may wear these t-shirts with the gi pants in lieu of their doboks or gi tops; a much more comfortable alternative. Shirts have the "Y" logo on the left front pocket-area and the "I Get My Kicks at the YMCA" logo in blue and red on the back!
Now the Journey Begins!

Not to be outdone, those who attain DAN rank (1st Degree Recommended or higher) are allowed to wear their Black Belt Journey shirts. Signifying that a martial artist, having achieving DAN rank, is now ready to really begin learning his or her craft, the beginning of what is for many a life-long journey. Only a small percent of those who begin TKD earn their black belts (a 2-1/2 year journey) and only a small percent of black belts go beyond 1 DAN. Of those that do, most continue, in one way, shape, or form, to continue with the martial arts for the rest of their lives.
The YMCA Taekwondo Demo Team

The Demo Team has been representing the YMCA Taekwondo School at local events for several years. They competed at several ATF National Tournaments for the last three years, finally coming out from under the role of 'red-headed step-child" by winning the competition in March of 2015! The dojang demo team has also performed at local events including the grand-opening of the Enterprise Civic Center, Chamber of Commerce festivals, the Health Day Fair sponsored by the Enterprise Medical Center, and Relay for Life held annually at the ESCC track. Performing at local events helps recruit members not only to the dojang in particular but also to the "Y" in general. Meeting every Friday at 6:30 PM after the Novice Class, members have shown amazing dedication and have become close teammates over the years.

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