Taekwondo School

Michael Dreilinger, 4TSR - School Owner and Chief Instructor

A graduate of Troy University, Michael took over the school in December of 2015, having started his training with Master Ron Roland in 2003. Michael certified as an ATF instructor in June, 2014 and re-certified in June, 2017 and again in June, 2020. He is a member of the Alabama State Games TKD committee and competed in the 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 games where he won a total of 9 Gold, 4 Silver, and 2 Bronze. His medals earned him invitations to compete in the 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2020 State Games of America where he won Gold in the Mens Under 20 division (2015); Gold in the Mens 18-24 Division (2017); Gold in the Mens 18-28 Division (2019); and Gold in the Black Belt Division (against 17 opponents in the 2020 Virtual Tournament) to become a 4-time SGA National Champion. Michael was named the 2016 Alabama State Games Adult Male Athlete of the Year and was selected to be the Alabama flag bearer at the 2017 SGA Games in Grand Rapids. Michigan. He is also the ATF's 2015 Mens 1st-2nd Degree National Champion and the ATF's 2016 Mens 3rd and Up National Champion.
Logan Stewmon, 4D - former Head Instructor

Logan was the school's head instructor until he left for college. He certified as an ATF instructor in June, 2015 and re-certified in June, 2018. The salutatorian of the 2017 Enterprise High School senior class, he plans on pursuing a degree in Engineering at Auburn University, then becoming, in his words, "king of Stewopolis." Logan competed in the 2014 ATF National Championship series in the Boys 13-15 division; the 2016 Mens 3rd and Up division; and the 2017 Mens 3rd and Up division, finishing second each time. He won a total of 5 Gold and 3 Silver medals in the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Alabama State Games earning him an invitation to the 2015 National State Games of American where he earned a Silver medal in the Boys 15-17 division. He will be sorely missed but plans on returning for various testings and tournaments throughout the year.
Chase Johnson, 3SR - former Head instructor

Chase, who certified in June, 2013 and re-certified in June, 2016, was the school's head instructor for several years until work commitments forced him to curtail his TKD hours. A new job allowed him to return to the Dojang and resume his duties as Head Instructor until he enlisted in the USAF and was assigned to the Space Command. Chase has been studying TKD since the age of 8 and also dabbles in Keichu Do, a Cajun-form of Karate. Chase has competed in several ATF and Open tournaments and holds his own against his fellow instructors; both of whom live to compete! Injured before the XXXIII Alabama Games, Chase was asked to judge forms, point sparring, Olympic sparring, and board breaking but did compete in the XXXIV Alabama Games in 2016 earning 3 Bronze medals and the 2018 Games earning one Gold and one Bronze.
Ron Roland, 4D - School Owner and Chief Instructor, Emeritus

Ron is a retired Marine Corps SGM who is about to retire from his second career as a JROTC instructor at Northview High School in Dothan. Ron began as a student of Taekwondo at the Y in 1995 and became the school owner and chief instructor in 2000. He retired in December of 2015 having the largest per capita of black belts for any ATF school. He made certain his program adhered to the tenets of TKD and that all his students were successfull in Mind, Body, and Spirit. Ron's students have had great success in the sport, winning at numerous ATF tournaments as well as several state and even national championships. Winning at that level is a team effort, but it starts with the leader - the coach - the mentor. Mr. Miyagi would be proud.
Certified Instructors go through a rigorous 3+ year training program and must test in front of ATF Board members during the annual ATF Summer Camp. They must perform all forms up to 1st Degree Recommended, along with all one steps & all knife defenses. They must be 2nd Degree (Dec) & they must have completed the 3 year Red Stripe program. They must also pass rigorous oral and written exams and prove they can lead a class on their own.

Certified Instructor
Dong-Sun Ko, 3D

Certified Instructor
Minsoo Ko, 3D

Certified Instructor
Lindsey Ludlam, 3D

Instructor Trainee
Antonio Carlton, 3R
Instructor Trainees wear a Red Stripe to show their desire to become Certified Instructors and earn the coveted Black Stripe. They must be at least 14 years old and be 1st Degree (decided) Black Belts. They must be accepted into the training program by passing various tests administered during their first ATF Summer Camp (or receive permission from GM Chung). The training program to become certified takes three years during which time trainees must compete and judge in several ATF tournaments each year; conduct testings at their home school and assist with testings at other ATF schools.

Instructor Trainee
Caitlyn Dean, 2SR
Junior Instructor Trainees Those 1st Degree Black Belts who desire to become certfied instructors but are too young for the Red Stripe program may enter the Junior Instructor training program and wear a Blue Stripe to show their committment. They assist Certified Instructors and Instructor Trainees by being an extra set of eyes (and hands) and are usually assigned to shadow one of the older instructors though sometimes they are called upon to teach forms to younger students. Complete requirements are posted at our dojang.

Junior Instructor
Bert Oggs, 2R

Junior Instructor
Madalynn Biddle, 1D

Junior Instructor
Jordyn Nickison, 1D

Junior Instructor
Owen Nickison, 1D

Senior Leader
Carol Dreilinger, 2R
Senior Leaders are adult students who, though not part of the formal Instructor Certification Training Program, have demonstrated sufficient expertise in forms, sparring, and board breaking to serve as instructors for students in the Lil Dragons, Novice, and Beginner classes. They also act as liaison between the chief instructor and his staff and the students and their parents. They wear the Senior Leader patch on their uniforms to designate their unique status and are also charged with stepping in whenever they feel the interests of the school and/or the student warrant their actions.

Senior Leader
Tom Knight, 1D

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