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ATF Tournament Event Rules

This page is and should be used as a posted guide only, please offer any questions to your school instructor or the tournament director of the next event you attend.
No rule inquires made to this site will be answered, Please direct questions to your Instructor.

In the ATF,"The effort is more important than the end result!
Try your best, displaying good sportsmanship,
making new friends and having lots of fun!
This is what makes a TaeKwonDo student
a real winner at an
ATF Tournament!"

ATF National Champions
Tournament Rules

This link is a complete listing for all rules governing
ATF National Champion Competition

ATF Competitor Requirements & Tournament SOP

This link is a complete listing for all rules governing
ATF Tournament Competitions

ATF Forms Competition Rules

This Link is an overview of ATF tournament rules
and procedures for forms competition.

ATF The Bye System

This system has been selected because it has been found to be the most fair and timely of all systems. Click on the link to help further your understanding of how sparring competitions are set up.

ATF Free Sparring Rules

American TaeKwonDo Foundation sanctioned events conform to the Free sparring rules set forth by the ATF only, please check with your instructor for the latest information.

ATF Board Breaking Rules

To improve the fairness, safety, and promote the increase of difficulty to the competitors the rules and point system have gone thru an evolution.

Board breaking is more than just crushing pine with some technique, you the competitor are putting on a show, you are showing your audience how you have mastered the various aspects of your martial art. I like to refer to this competition as the "job interview" of Tae Kwon Do.

 I can’t wait to see the great techniques you are presently developing for this years upcoming competitions and it is my sincerest hope that everyone will come away with a new sense of excitement, challenge, and equality.


A point of practice and preparedness: It's important for this competition to
pre-prepare, build a routine, a kind of show if you will. If you set up your boards and require a number of warm up practice attempts, it shows the judges that you haven't practiced and your score will reflect that. The judges will be judging the entire event, from board set-up to bow out. Your routine should be practiced to include, quickly and confidently setting up your boards, and paying attention to all of the customs and courtesies involved in board breaking. Creativity, Attention to detail, Practiced skill, and Wow factor is what wins the day in this event...
Are you willing to take the challenge?

ATF Appearance and Dress Rules

Prior to and after competition, color belts may wear normal “street” clothes, bearing in mind appropriate styles for the occasion. Black belts are held to a higher standard due to their position in the organization and in the eyes of the color belt students. Black Belts should wear “dress” clothes. A proper ATF white uniform is appropriate at all times.

ATF Judging Ethics, Additional Rules, Complaints

At any ATF tournament, demonstrations of prejudice, lack of attentiveness in the ring, etc., shall be cause for warnings or reprimands from higher officials. Judges who find difficulty in resolving a given problem should ask the ATF tournament committee for rulings. Decisions of responsible officials shall be final. Instructor or student complaints or appeals during the tournament shall not be allowed. Any complaints should be made after the tournament through the chain of command. Shows of public discord by any ranks or non-ATF members are open to official censure.

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