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Board Breaking Rules
Point Schedule

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 Board breaking competition should be scored according to the following system:

There will be three different scores:
A) Difficulty: will be used only to determine in which division to place a competitor, and will not be a factor or used in the final score tally (unless to prevent tie).
B) Number of tries: will be scored as:
1st try …
8 points, 2nd try… 6 points, 3rd try …4 points, No break …0 points
C) Presentation: score will be given by three judges using the 6 1/2 - 9 point ATF system.

Judging criteria should be as Follows:
1) How well the competitor sets up his/her boards noting if judges had to assist with any safety or visual problems (this is a judgement call).
2) The quality, flow, and control of techniques.
3) The creativity, protocol (Procedures), and showmanship.

Board Holding Stations and Technique Rules

1) Competitors may use up to, but not exceeding, three breaking stations.

2) The maximum number of tries will be three tries per station.

3) Any double break (two different breaks at the same time or in the same jump) will be considered one technique. (i.e. Jump double sidekick or twin knife hands.)

4) All board holders must be capable of holding boards safely (Judges discretion).

5) All stations may have up to but not exceeding two holders per board grouping, NO Reinforcing board holders arms or bodies. NO EXCEPTIONS! (i.e. locking arms, holding backs, etc...)

6) There is no limit to how many boards can be broken at one time as long as holders can hold the boards safely and sufficiently. SEE Rule #5.

7) Any blood drawn or injury accrued to board holders will result in disqualification.
(Judges discretion is permitted)

8) If you take away a board(s), you will be deducted 2 points per board taken away.

9) Competitors must conduct the breaks they enrolled on the entry sheet prior to the event any changes of technique must be approved by judges before competition bow-in or the competitor forfeits the event.

10) Only ATF Standard sized boards may be used. (¾ in. thick Pine) NO DEMO boards (unless competitor is a Pre-K student) (4 & 5 yrd)
Board sizes
9 and under (7" x 12"), 10 - 12 (9" x 12"), 13 - Adults (11"x 12")
Competitors are responsible to supply their own boards properly sized.

11) In case of a tie, the competitor with the highest presentation score wins tie, if this is also tied, then use the highest of the "Division Points" to determine winner.

Assignment of Divisions
Divisions are best broken up in the following ways:

1) If you have only a few competitors 10 or less break them up in two divisions. Kids and adults mixed. (Basic under 25 difficulty points) (Advanced over 25 difficulty points)

2) If you have more competitors simply separate kids and adults. Making four divisions.

3) For even more competitors (Basic under 20 difficulty points)
(Intermediate 20-30 difficulty points) (Advanced over 30 difficulty points)
Larger divisions of 5+ are more preferable for this type of competition.

Technique Division points
(used for determining division placement)
(Remember having more points will not improve your score
just place you in a higher division)

5 point Hand Techniques

Elbow strike
Hammer fist
Palm strike
Low block
Outer forearm block
Knife hand block

6 Point Hand Techniques

Back (reverse) elbow strike
Knifehand strike
Upset Knife hand strike
Ridge hand strike
Back fist
Inner forearm block
Ridge hand block
High Block

5 Point Kicking Techniques

Front "snap" kick
Step Side kick
Side kick
Round kick

6 Point Kicking Techniques

Hook kick
Twist kick
Crescent kick (inner & outer)
Reverse Sidekick
Axe Kick

Additional Difficulty Points
(Add these to the basic techniques)

Overhead (no jump) +2
Jump Kick
Jump Kick (One Hand Overhead)
+4 Spin (Hand +1) (Kick +2)
Jump Spin Kick 180 deg.
Jump Spin Kick 360 deg.
Jump Spin Kick 540 deg.
Jump Spin Kick 720 deg.
Back Flip
Blind Folded
Each additional board +1
Reverse (kick only)
Speed Break
Each Obstacle
Board Obstacle

Single Technique + Single Technique+2
Jump (if used with the combination) +2

Step #1 Pick out your board brake; "ex… Jump Reverse Side Kick"

Step #2 simplify for point value. "ex… Side Kick 5 points + Jump Kick 2 Points + Reverse Kick 1 point.= 8"

Step #3 Add the points together "ex...Jump Reverse Side Kick = 8 points"

Examples of Divisions

Station #1 + Station #2 + Station #3
Step side kick = 5 + Round kick = 5 + Reverse elbow strike = 6, =
16 points

Jump reverse side kick = 8 + Spin hook kick = 8 + Knife hand speed break = 8
= 24 points

Front jump kick overhead = 9 + Jump spin crescent kick = 10 + Jump double side kick = 12 =
31 points

PDF Files of Board Breaking competition Sheets

New 2018 ATF BB Registration Sheet

New ATF BB Score Sheet

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