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Special ATF Dojang Events

ATF Schools do far more than just teach kicking and punching. Many of our instructors and students are involved in community projects of various types, or just enjoy doing special events within their school.

Here's some of the ways our ATF schools give back.

Great Strides Walk

for Cystic Fibrosis

April 30th Hurst Wiregrass TKD is doing the Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis again this year. It is very special for us, as our own Destinee Estes has CF. (you know, Brock's twin :) ). They just turned 12, and when she was diagnosed at 7 months, 12 years old was the average life expectancy.

Destinee is currently a 1st Degree Senior Black Belt and a Junior Instructor at our school. She is in 6th grade at Headland Middle School. We started our fundraising this year at our tournament in January when Destinee presented a speech that she wrote on living with Cystic Fibrosis, including the 26 pills and many breathing treatments she takes every day as well as the chest percussion vest that she uses daily, the surgeries she has endured and the many other side effects that CF entails, and how they effect her life inside and outside of TKD. She was very nervous giving this speech, but did a great job!

But with the money they raise from the walk, research is going great with the average age at almost 40 now, but with people doing well in their 60s! Our team is TKD FOR DESTINEE and the website is with the link to Great Strides. People can sign up for the walk, make a donation, or even find out about things going on near them! Thank you so much!

Chung's Taekwondo, Millbrook, AL
4th Annual Break-A-Thon for Juvenile Diabetes
On Saturday, October 9, 2010 Chung's Taekwondo in Millbrook, AL held its fourth annual break-a-thon for juvenile diabetes. With help from Mr. Daar and his students at Chung's Taekwondo in Tallassee, AL and Mr. Episcopo and his students at Lifequest Martial Arts in Clanton, AL, the break-a-thon raised over $1700.

All money raised went to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and finding a cure for juvenile diabetes. In addition to breaking boards, Mr. Phillip Adams and Mr. Prosser broke bricks.

For the grand finale, Mr. David Adams fulfilled his promise to break a board over his brother, Mr. Phillip Adams', head if over $1000 was raised.

Enterprise YMCA Taekwondo
Raising Community Awareness and Fundraising for the "Y"
The focus of the YMCA is to strengthen the local community. As a nonprofit it relies on the generosity of community members, private individuals and corporate donors. A major source of funds for YMCA programs comes from fees for membership and for services. This is where the YMCA Taekwondo School has had a positive impact. Performing at local events helps recruit members not only to the dojang in particular but also to the "Y" in general.

The dojang demo team has also performed at local events including the grand-opening of the Enterprise Civic Center, Chamber of Commerce festivals, the Health Day Fair sponsored by the Enterprise Medical Center, and Relay for Life held annually at the ESCC track.
The YMCA dojang has been participating at the annual "Y Day" festival for the last 10 years. As the largest fund-raising event for the "Y" school members not only perform for the crowd but also help as needed; from sitting in a dunking booth to help raise money to spreading rose petals to beautify the front lawn.
For the last three years, the YMCA dojang has sponsored its own in-house tournament inviting members of the community to watch the fun. Each year we've had more than 50 competitors in forms, point-sparring, and board breaking.
In years to come we hope to expand the tournament to include all Enterprise schools of Taekwondo.

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