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Korean Commands, Phrases, and such...

As it is literally translated from Korean, Tae means "to kick" or "to strike with the foot", Kwon means "fist" or "to strike with the hand" and Do means "discipline or art".
Together Tae Kwon Do means "the art of kicking and punching", i.e. "the art of unarmed combat."

(Tae Kwon Do)
Foot - Fist - Way

"The Art of Kicking and Punching"



Classroom Commands
Cha Ryot - Attention
Kyung Nae - Bow
Joon Bee - Ready Position
Shee Jock - Start / Begin
Go Mahn - Stop
Bah Row - Back to ready position
Shee Uh - At ease / Rest
Kihap - Yell

General Terminology
Pil Sung - Victory
Gyo Ru Gi - Sparring
Poomse - Form / Pattern
Hyung - Form / Pattern
Do Balk - Uniform
Do Jang - School
Sa Bum Nim - Instructor
Dan - Degree of black belt
Kup - Grade under black belt

General Phrases
Thank you - Kam saham nida.
Yes - Ne
No - Aniyo


Ha Na - One -1
Dool - Two - 2
Set - Three - 3
Net - Four - 4
Da Sut - Five - 5
Yoe Sut - Six - 6
Ill Gop - Seven - 7
Yoe Du - Eight - 8
Ah Hahp - Nine - 9
Yoel - Ten - 10

Sparring Commands
Kal Yeo - Break
Gae sok - Continue
Shi Gan - Time
Kyong Go - Warning
Chung - Blue
Hong - Red

Life in Korea
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