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ATF Paperwork & Logo's

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~Please Note these applications are intended for Instructors
needing hard copies for their dojang.~

Please see your Instructor for permission and the proper applications


Click here for ATF and TKD Logos and artwork


Student Resorces

ATF Color Belt Forms

White KiBon

Yellow DanGun

Orange DoSan

Lt Green WonHyo

Dk Green YulGuk

Blue JunGoon

Purple TaeGae

Red HwaRang

Brown ChungMu


Printable Files in
PDF Format
ATFNew 2018 Tournament Registration Form
( Tournament Regisration acceptable for all ATF tournaments )
ATF National Black Belt testing Application
( Application for those wishing to test at National Black Belt Testings )
ATF Rank Promotional Testing Sheet
ATF Training Instructor Application
( Application for Black Belt students wishing to enter
Instructor Trainee program )
ATF Certification Testing Application
( Application for Training Instructors wishing to certify and for
certified instructors wishing to re-certify )
ATF Trainee Instructor Check list / Pages 1&2
(Trainee Instructors need check list for qualification requirements)
( Don't forget to print both pages)
ATF Student Uniforms
ATF Instructor Uniforms
( Find out what you need for ATF uniforms )

ATF National Championship Series Finals Registration

New 2018 ATF BB Registration Sheet

New ATF BB Score Sheet

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