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non- ATF Tournaments

Many martial artists from ATF schools compete in non-ATF sponsored TKD events. Open Tournaments, State Championships, National Championships, etc.

XXXVI Alabama Games

June 9, 2018 at Lee HS, Huntsville

Nineteen athletes from four ATF schools were among the 295 event participants competing at the XXXVI Alabama Games TKD Tournament. Attracting nearly 6,000 athletes in more than 2-dozen sports, the Alabama State Games is the largest Olympic-style sports competion in the state.

Master David Mitchell from the Black Belt TKD Academy in Madison was the event director for Olympic Sparring, seen here judging the marquee Olympic Sparring match between local champion Jacques Foster (Gold) and Brandon Allen of Enterprise (Silver) in the 18-22 Black Belt Men Division. Also competing in Olympic Sparring were Alexandra Dasinger (Silver in 9-10 Novice Female) and William Dasinger (Silver in 12-13 Novice Male), both from Daleville (shown below with their instructor, Mr. Chris Sconiers).

Masters Adam and Brittany Jolly were the event directors for Forms and Point Sparring, seen here being assisted by Mr Chase Johnson of Enterprise who was injured and could not spar.

ATF athletes making the podium in Forms included Alexandra Dasinger from Daleville (Silver in 8-9 Novice Girls); Laz Goss from Headland (Bronze in 8-9 Advanced Boys); Marcus Whiting from Enterprise ( Silver in 10-11 Advanced Boys); Lindsey Ludlam from Enterprise (Gold in 14-17 Black Belt Girls); Michael Dreilinger (Silver) and Chase Johnson (Bronze) in the 18-24 Black Belt Men Division; and Ms. Carol Dreilinger (Bronze in 24 and Up Black Belt Combined).

All five athletes from Headland placed in the Point Sparring event with Laz Gos, Linkin McKnight, and Grymm McKnight earning Gold in their divisions and Chris Enfinger and Logan Pitchford (losing to Grymm) earning Silver in their divisons.

Nine athletes from Enterprise placed in the Point Sparring event with Jaden Whiting, Marcus Whiting, Antonio Carlton, Austin Rainwater, Mr. Michael Dreilinger, and Lindsey Ludlam earning Gold in their divisions and Trenton Rainwater (losing to Marcus), Jackson Ludlam (losing to Antonio); and Ms. Carol Dreilinger (losing to Lindsey) earning Silver.

Mr. Michael Dreilinger from the Enterprise YMCA TKD School was the event director for Board Breaking, seen here being assisted by Mr. Chase Johnson, Ms. Carol Dreilinger, and Lindsey Ludlam, all of Enterprise. The 11 athletes from the "Y" were the only competitors from the ATF among the 90 board breakers and each came home with a medal. Jaden Whiting; Marcus Whiting; Austin Rainwater; Jackson Ludlam; Brandon Allen; Mr. Chase Johnson; Mr. Michael Dreilinger; and Ms. Carol Dreilinger all won Gold in their divisions while Trenton Rainwater, Antonio Carlton, and Lindsey Ludlam each won Silver in their divisions.

X State Games of America

August 5, 2017, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ten students from 2 ATF schools competed at the 2017 Sates Games of America national tournament held from August 3-6 in Grand Rapids, MI. The Games attracted 12,000 athletes from 47 states and the TKD tournament had over 300 competitors; many were medalists from their home state games. Although we were a small group, most folks there came to recognize our ATF patch based on the performance, spirit, and conduct of our athletes - our competitors brought home 20 medals; 8 of them Gold.

The ATF patch was evident in the first event of the day - Power Breaking - with Michael Dreilinger bringing home our first medal (Bronze) by punching through 5 boards in the Mens 18+ division against a dozen opponents; Garrett Bogart brought home a Gold in the Black Belt Boys 14-17 Division breaking 4 boards with a palm with Brandon Allen winning Gold in the Colored Belt Boys 14-17 Division also breaking 4 with a palm.

The host organization, World Class TKD, does not use Purple, Red or Brown belts - they are all combined in their Red belt category. In the virtual sea of Red Belts, 7 year old Jansen Sullivan stood out as the only Senior Red Belt in the forms competition. Comments of "how can that little guy be so senior" were changed to "that little guy is so awesome" as Jansen earned our third Gold of the day.

Michael Dreilinger and William Wallace each won Gold in their respective forms competitions; Connor and Garrett competed against each other with Connor winning Silver and Garrett Bronze in their forms match; and Caitlyn Dean earned a Bronze in her forms competition against several senior competitors in the Womens 18-24 Black Belt Division.

Once all the breaking and forms were completed, the competition shifted into high gear with the Olympic Sparring competition ? no Point Sparring at this tournament. Despite limited experience, our ATF fighters still earned 3 Gold, 2 Silver, and 2 Bronze against some very excellent competitors. William Wallace won his second Gold in the Black Belt Boys 11-12 Division and Brandon Allen destroyed his opponent 44-4 in the Colored Belt Boys 14-17 ring to earn his second Gold. Connor Bogart suffered through a broken nose and mild concussion en route to winning Silver in his division; and Lindsey Ludlam also earned silver in a very close match against her opponent who had just defeating the defending 2-time Michigan state champion. Gautham Gorti from Master Mitchell's Black Belt TKD Academy was the final ATF competitor and he brought home our 8th Gold medal of the Games with a stellar performance defeating the home school's champion in the Black Belt Boys 14-17 Division.

XXXV Alabama Games

June 10, 2017 at the Ozark Civic Center

Two dozen martial artists from four different ATF schools participated in the XXXV Alabama State Games held at the Ozark Civic Center on Saturday, June 10, 2017 and hosted by Grandmaster Chung. Ms. Caitlyn Dean, currently training at the Enterprise YMCA but formerly of Mr. Chris Sconiers' Chung's TKD in Daleville earned Gold medals in Forms and in Point Sparring in the Womens Black Belt Division and Mr. Gautham Gorti of Mr. David Mitchell's Black Belt TKD Academy in Huntsville won a Gold in Forms and a Silver in Olympic Sparring in the Boys 14-17 Black Belt Division.

Eleven students from Hurst's Wiregrass TKD Center earned a total of 11 Gold, 10 Silver, and 2 Bronze while the same number of students from Enterprise YMCA TKD earned 12 Gold, 7 Silver, and 10 Bronze to win the team competition by a narrow 91-87 margin over their friends from HWTC. With so many competitors it is hard to pick out highlights but 7-year old Jansen Sullivan of the YMCA won three Gold medals (Forms, Point Sparring, Board Breaking) and 11 year old Conner Cook of Headland also won three Gold medals (Forms, Olympic Sparring, Board Breaking). Jessica Kuhn and Kaitlin Phillips of HWTC won gold and silver in Point Sparring and silver and gold in Forms - with Lindsey Ludlam of the YMCA winning Bronze in each.

The biggest crowd pleasers were the first and last event. Michael Dreilinger (YMCA) won the Power Breaking Gold by breaking five boards with a horizontal punch beating out Alex Rice and Garrett Bogart (YMCA) who each broke four boards with a hammerfist and palm strike, respectively. The final event contested was the Continuous Olympic Sparring ring where Taeseung An of Montgomery outpointed Gautham Gorti for the Boys 14-17 Black Belt division and then was able beat the YMCA's Logan Stewmon (18-24 Men) in the last seconds in an exhibition match.

All competitors who earned medals qualified for the 2017 National State Games of America competition scheduled for the first week of August, 2017, in Grand Rapids Michigan. The 2015 Games held in Omaha attracted 16,000 athletes from 47 states and the District of Columbia (400 in Taekwondo) and the organizers expect similar numbers in Michigan.

XXXIV Alabama Games

June 11, 2016 at the Ozark Civic Center

Brittany Jolly, 6-year old Alex mason, Jessica Kuhn, Megan Chandler, and Adam Jolly from HWTC
A baker's dozen from two ATF schools competed at the XXXIV Alabama State Games on June 11, 2016. Three students from Hurst's Wiregrass Taekwondo Center and 10 from the Enterprise YMCA TKD School brought home 29 medals - 14 of them Gold. In fact, for the second straight year, martial artists from the two ATF schools won Gold in each and every sparring match that had an ATF student compete. This speaks highly of the excellent training they receive at their home schools as well as the high level of competition they face month after month at ATF tournaments throughout the Southeast.

Podium picture of the 10 students from the Enterprise YMCA
A major highlight of the event and perhaps the biggest crowd-pleaser was a 3-round Olympic Sparring match between Logan Stewmon from the YMCA and a slightly taller, more experienced opponent who was the champion of the host school, Bateman TKD Team NXG of Montgomery.
Basil McHorne from Team NXG and Logan Stewmon from the YMCA
Playing catchup for most of the contest, Logan (who had never fought in the continuous scoring environment of Olympic Sparring) tied the match in the last minute and won in over time with a well-placed round kick. Both fighters embraced after the fight, as much from sheer exhaustion as sportsmanship ? it was obvious both fighters left it all in the ring.

Another crowd pleaser was the four-station traditional board breaking match between the three YMCA instructors.
Michael doing the splits
There were ooohs and aaahs from the crowd as Silver-medalist Logan and Bronze-medalist Chase demonstrated their aerial prowess with over-head front snap and flying side-kicks and Gold-medalist Michael showing power and flexibility breaking four boards with a side kick and four more with his jump front double hammer fist split.
Adam and Chase judging Jessica Kuhn from HWTC and Garrett Bogart from the YMCA
A special thanks from the the organizers of these Games went out to Adam and Brittany Jolly, Chief Instructors for HWTC and Michael Dreilinger, Chief Instructor at the YMCA and to his fellow instructors Chase Johnson and Logan Stewmon, who served as judges for the 6-hour tournament.

IX State Games of America

August 1, 2015, Omaha, Nebraska

Four Enterprise YMCA Taewkondo students brought home medals from the State Games of America ? the largest athletic contest in the USA since the Olympics! There were over 15,000 participants in 60 different sports from 47 states and the District of Columbia ? 69 from the state of Alabama! Our state contingent brought home 11 medals in swimming: 2 in track&field - 1 in 11/12 year old recreational soccer; 1 in wrestling; and 4 in Taewkondo. Yes, our kids accounted for 4 of the 19 medals won by Alabamians ? and 1 of only 4 Gold medals, won by State Games of America National Champion Michael Dreilinger.
The competition pitted medalists from each state along with the best from the host state of Nebraska including several organization National Champions competing in the black belt rings against Logan Stewmon (who won silver) and Michael.
Rounding out the team of competitors from the "Y" were William Wallace, who earned a silver medal in the 9/10

year old Advanced, and his younger brother Grason, who also earned a silver medal, in the 8 and under combined Intermediate/Advanced division.

XXXIII Alabama Games

June 13, 2015 at the Ozark Civic Center

Ten young martial artists from three ATF schools competed in point sparring, forms, and board breaking against over 120 martial artists from across the state at the XXXIII Alabama State Games held at the Ozark Civic Center on June 13, 2015. Incredibly, they won medals in every event they entered. In fact, students from the three ATF schools won every single sparring Gold medal in rings that had ATF students competing.

Hayden, Jessica, Conner, and Pongo from Hurst's Wiregrass Taekwondo Center won 5 Gold, 5 Silver, and 1 Bronze medal while Michael, William, Logan, and Grason from the Enterprise YMCA Taekwondo School won 5 Gold, 2 Silver, and 3 Bronze medals.

Chase Johnson, giving Grason a piggy-back ride, was injured and could not compete.

Bianca and Alden from Chung's Taekwondo Center in Daleville won a silver and bronze in forms in the 8 and under novice division to round out the ATF's medals.

Michael, Logan and Chase from the "Y" along with school owners Adam and Brittany Jolly from HWTC and Chris Sconiers from Daleville also helped to judge the many rings (over 50).

Judges, competitors, and spectators were heard to ask numerous times, "who are these kids from ATF." Our kids were, without question, the best of the best at this tournament. Competing in tournaments is a good way to compare your skills with those from other schools. The higher the level of competition, the more accurate the gauge.